Please use a leash or suitable carrier for your pet when visiting the hospital! This is for the protection of your pet, yourself and the staff. Please remember that although we do our best to minimize the stress your animal may feel while visiting the hospital, it is still a stress filled environment. Pets who may otherwise be very well behaved can react unpredictably in a stressful situation.

All animals must be brought into the hospital the morning of the scheduled surgery between 8:00am and 8:30am This allows the nurses to prep our patients for their procedures. Preparations vary according to the type of procedure scheduled. Expect that all surgeries will be shaved at and around the surgical site. Animals are also shaved on one or more legs allowing placement of IV catheters. Animals brought into the hospital for abdominal ultrasounds will be shaved in the entire abdominal area and also about halfway up their sides.

Upon admission you will be asked to read and sign an authorization form for the procedure including anesthesia. Pre-anesthetic blood tests is required for all procedures involving anesthesia. It is a good indication of the health of your pet, and reduces the risk of complications.

You will also be given a hand out which explains surgical procedures and policies

We ask that you call no earlier than 4:00pm the day of the procedure. At that time, we are able to give you a status report on your pet, and let you know what time he/she is to be picked up. If your pet is staying overnight, such as in the case of routine neutering, we ask that you pick up between 1:00 pm and 3:pm the following day. Saturday pick-ups are between 8:30am and 9:00am. At that time you will be given discharge instructions and told when and if to come back for suture removal.

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